Beer is Booming. Is your Business Ready?

With the explosion of new breweries and beer flavors—be your customer’s best resource!

The handling of beer influences its quality and perception. From delivery to serving, it is important to know how to properly handle, store, and present a variety of beers to maintain flavor and freshness. The MBAA Beer Steward Certificate Program will provide you with the necessary beer service and beer server training information to ensure you are bringing the freshest product to your customers. Participants in the programs will also gain an appreciation of the craft by learning the history of beer as well as the understanding the diversity of beer styles and what makes them so different. In the end, participants will learn how to showcase beer styles using food pairings and proper glassware, ultimately resulting in higher beer sales and a more satisfied customer. This training is an ideal beer server training as well as excellent beer training for sales and marketing people in both breweries and beer wholesalers.

“I will be able to talk to my customers with more knowledge and confidence!” – Bend, OR

Beer Steward Programs